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Shipping Container Self Storage

Sturdy shipping containers: Shipping containers have been designed to protect their contents through...

24/7 365 day a year access

Need to access your container at 2 a.m. on Sunday? No problem! Each container is individually locked...

Direct Access

All our containers are on the ground floor, so you can drive right up and unload, making it easier, ...

Discounts on containers

Green & Social discounts At the heart of Pedal & post is our environmental and social ethos. If we ...


We have high security fencing, CCTV and provide dead locks on all containers.. ...

Self Storage Prices

SHIPPING CONTAINER 20FT - 160sgft - £225 per month (Inc VAT) 20ftL 8ftW 8.6ftH - 4 week minimum re...

Emission free delivery

Parcels delivered in 2019

CO2 saved (Tons)

Cargo bikes/trikes in our fleet

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Pedal & Post - Launches new grocery delivery service with local traders

-C Benton

Pedal & Post - Open and Continuing to deliver (Gov additional restrictions)

-C Benton

Pedal & Post - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

-C Benton

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our Testimonials

So very efficient and great service too.Couldn’t have been more helpful in collecting my parcel and delivering it to the post office. Thank you so much.
Insightful concept. Kind on the environment and delivers beautiful, fresh and tasty products.
We love Pedal and Post. We use them for deliveries both at home and at my work. The initiative is fantastic, saving the planet 'n all that ... the couriers are all well trained and really friendly. Particularly impressed that they're now delivering our weekly Riverford veg box. Best of all it means fewer delivery vans parked up the pavement and in the cycle lanes on the way to work in the morning, which can only be a good thing. Keep it up!!
Tom Brady
Tom Brady
Received our first delivery via Pedal and Post and was really impressed. The driver was friendly and polite, and it made a brilliant, eco-friendly change to the usual van.
S Jones
S Jones
Awesome initiative, Specially a Big thumbs-Up to Chris, The Best Eco - Saver Service...Great Going...Looking forward for more. ;-)
Excellent service, timely, efficient and friendly - always reliable - would highly recommend
jake swinhoe
jake swinhoe
Great service, friendly and efficient
Andrew van Paridon
Andrew van Paridon
Great service.Nice people.
Great people doing an amazing job for the city of Oxford!
Rad Silviu
Rad Silviu
Good service, friendly couriers.
Peter Chan
Peter Chan
Very speedy delivery which I could track
Paavan Buddhdev
Paavan Buddhdev
Efficient, professional and eco last mile bike postal delivery (etc) in Oxford. What's not to love?
Jake Backus
Jake Backus
Quick and efficient - very reasonably priced! oh and eco friendly :)
Excellent service and wonderful people! Recommend highly!
I'm a cycle nut with a green agenda, and if I can put a smile on a few faces, that's the icing on the pedal and post, multi-layered, sponge, jam, the whole shebang cake. Proud to be a cog in this pedal powered wheel.
Top notch service! Quick, easy and cheap. Staff were polite and professional too. Highly recommend
Built on passion and hard graft, Pedal and Post offers an efficient, super friendly service that is actively improving the quality of life in Oxford. Boom.
A very good service. Prompt, friendly, and green.
Great business, with great staff, such a clever and wonderful idea!!
As someone whose job requires them to send out various parcels across the UK, I always enjoy seeing a local, Oxford order as it allows us to use Pedal & Post as the delivery method. Their bike trailer boxes allow them to carry items of all shapes and sizes. Near flawless service every time, and great customer service when necessary. Highly recommend.
The service these guys provide doesn't pollute, doesn't block the road when loading/unloading and promotes a healthy method of transport. Not impressed? They are also cost effective, don't get stuck in traffic and the riders are very polite.
Great service, great people, just what Oxford needs. Keep it up!!
Pedal & Post is the way forward! It's an efficient way of delivering goodies without the air pollution. I now can't imagine Oxford without Chris and his lovely team cycling around Oxford! 💙
Exactly what Oxford needed: bike deliveries!Friendly team and prompt service!
Pedal & Post is an excellent team of fantastic people. Working for Pedal & Post has been a fantastic experience so far. It is difficult in a comment mention all the positive aspects of being part of the team and why I believe Pedal & Post's idea is the perfect way for delivery goods around Oxford. Anyway if interested on finding out why, just comment the post. 5 stars completely deserved.
A level of expertise equivalent to the Dutch and the Danes... highly recommended.
Incredible service from all the guys down at the yard making Oxford greener.
Amazing concept! Local small business built from nothing, just hard work. Fantastic people and service.
Fantastic concept. Fantastic people. Fantastic service.
Wonderful team of hard working cyclists saving the environment....keep it up!!!
Excellent company - innovative, green and professional.
Fantastic concept, built up with genuine care for customers and improving Oxfords congestion and air quality.
I started Pedal & Post with a vision to move goods and freight across Oxford in a sustainable way. Our cargobikes deliver in a 0 emission way, our office is off grid and solar powered and our self storage has helped over 30 local businesss grow in Oxford. We've come on leaps and bounds with our delivery services with the support of many local business's who use our services over the years doing "point to point delivery" "Last mile delivery for national carriers" "First mile collections" and we're about to offer national and international delivery for our local clients. I'm really proud of all of our staff who are doing a fantastic job here, Passing all our training and providing a professional service whilst on the roads and delivering in Oxford. They brave all weather conditions and meet some very demanding delivery conditions most days. They are ambitious to grow with us in the future and make us a success.I realy hope we can make oxford a more livable city together and we'll keep on doing what we're doing
Excellent Local Courier Delivery Service
Maga Tronic
Maga Tronic
Amazing local cycle courier services. they can take a tone on their cargo bikes. Totally recommended. Nice staff.
pi for d
pi for d
Wow! I just received a delivery from a gorgeous cyclist. A heavy cast iron saute pan. such quick efficient service, only called Boswells yeserday and it arrived today on a bike. What a marvelous idea, just right for little ole Oxford. Thank you Pedal and Post
'Thinking outside the box', Chris, of Pedal and Post, has come up with an innovative business proposal to local traders to receive their deliveries without dragging lorries thru Oxford's congested town centre. Brilliant idea!
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