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Bicycle Advertising

The delivery bags on our bikes provide prime mobile advertising space. Ad boards displayed on our bikes gain visibility to all demographics, as we travel through heavy footfall areas at all times of day, and can give your business some eco-friendly credibility. We can bundle advertising with your delivery service; or, if you don't deliver with us, we will cycle your advert around heavy footfall areas and park outside busy locations to get your ad seen.

CORE ADVERTISER - £40 per month + One off set up cost £90
Displayed 24/7 (With the exception of specific delivery rounds)
Ad boards displayed on the left and right side of the 8 freight bike
**** Discounts for pre-payment of 3, 6 or 12 months
DELIVERY ADVERTISING - £5 per hour + One off set up cost of £90
Displayed whilst making your company's or organisations deliveries
Ad boards displayed on the left and right side of the 8 freight bike


A cargo bike displaying ad boards for Pedal & Post, North Aston Organics, and the Green Party

Why advertise with Pedal & Post

  • Unique and Eye-catching: We turn more heads than a Lamborghini, and that's a fact. We have the "wow" factor, ideal to get your brand seen and talked about.
  • Green image: Not only are bicycles zero-emission, but our boards are 100% recyclable. If you want your ad campaign to be visibly eco-friendly, we are ideal.
  • Cost effective: We can reach more people per pound than many other traditional methods, such as buses, taxis, bus shelters, and mobile billboards.
  • Approachable and friendly: Our bikes make great ice breakers for curious members of the public. When they inevitably approach us with questions, our friendly riders will do the rest - we can talk about your ads and just have fun around Oxford!

8 Freight Advertising

The 8-freights are our 'fast' bikes and are constantly cycling around Oxford making deliveries, from the historic city centre, across the suburbs and outside the ring-road. With each bike travelling in excess of 5,000 miles a year, you can rest assured that your message and brand will get seen, talked about and promoted.

The 8-freights have correx boards slotted into the sides, meaning we can change boards throughout the day. They measure 106cm by 38cm.

Great for accompanying your deliveries, reaching the city center and long term advertising.