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Locktin Dropbox

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We're collaborating with Locktin. LockTin is a simple and secure box for all your e-commerce deliveries. Now there’s no need to stay in and wait for a delivery/collection when you can arrange to have your on-line purchases or returns delivered/collected from outside your home. This means we can deliver/collect 100% of the time, first time. 

LOCKTIN - MEDIUM SIZE - £135 inc delivery and installation
70cmH 40cmW 30cmD - Black colour
LOCKTIN - LARGE SIZE - £165 inc delivery and installation
80cmH 50cmW 42.5cmD - Black colour

A Locktin dropbox holding a christmas present

Why use a Locktin dropbox?

  • No more "Sorry we missed you" cards, With locktin, we can deliver/collect 100% of the time, first time. This also helps the environment, reducing wasted delivery trips, second delivery trips or having to hop in your car and collect the item which can sometimes be miles away. This saves on congestion and emissions in Oxford (its why we are supporting it's use!)
  • Any courier can use this box, Our goal is to reduce emissions and congestion in Oxford, we cant achieve that if we kept the use of the box to only our courier service! when ordering online, simply provide the code in the delivery notes, or as part of your address so any courier can deliver to your locktin box.
  • Proof of Delivery, no signatures required, Inside your box is a unique bar-code and numerical code so we can provide proof that we delivered and give traceability.