Here at Pedal & Post we have an exceptionally dedicated team of eco couriers.

We ride all year round in all weather conditions; from snow storms and howling winds to blistering heat in the height of summer, our riders have what it takes to brave the elements and get your deliveries made on time, every time.

With a strong focus on independent problem solving, time management skills and logistical efficiency

all our riders have proven themselves repeatedly by going above and beyond expectations to get the job done.

Our couriers ride up to 50 miles a day and regularly carry loads approaching 100kg; whether delivering multi-drop routes across the whole city or medical supplies to the hospitals in the hills in the east - we like to say ‘yes we can’ just to prove what is possible with our fleet of cargo bikes and eTrikes.

As a famous one-time grand tour winner once said Its not ‘all about the bike’.

We are a very close knit team who always have each others back. We constantly keep each other updated throughout the day using a modern internet based 2-way radio service

If this sounds like your cup of tea, click on the vacancies below for full job descriptions and application forms