Keble College joins Oxford University Freight Consolidation Pilot

Keble College has partnered with local cargo bike delivery firm Pedal & Post and the pioneering freight consolidation pilot with university of Oxford with the goal to reduce van movements in the city. 




Goal here is to reduce the current 15-25 van movements colleges see daily from multiple different parcel companies (think DPD, Yodel, DHL, UPS, Royal mail and more!) and reduce this down to one cargo bike movement in the city. Keble joining shows a commitment from Oxford colleges for cleaner air, safer roads, less congestion and parking issues

Pedal & Post is using its pioneering articulated cargo bike able to pull 300kg with a 4m3 capacity, plenty of space for lightweight parcels and the flatbed trailer has proved very versatile for any larger or obscure parcels too 


Pedal & Post is now developing the 2.0 trailer to improve the college service from its learnings and data gathered over the the first half of the project





Christopher Benton, CEO at Pedal & Post, said: "We are delighted to continue to expand the Oxford college project, we now have 9 locations on board and we'll continue to persuade the rest of the colleges as the more than join, the larger impact we can have. Using our newest and largest pioneering cargo bikes reduces congestion with this new partnership mean fewer vans driving into Oxford’s city centre. This results in more road space and cleaner air for everyone else. We’re proud of being able to help reduce congestion while providing more jobs for local people at the same time. It’s also important to show how freight consolidation can work and help public bodies and largest institutions  go ultra low emission and having a more relaible and improved service, it shows a clear strategy to reduce carbon emissions to make our cities healthier, safer, and better places to live.”