Oxford College Partners with Pedal & Post to Tackle Parcel Emissions

Fantastic article in the Oxford Mail around our Pioneering project working with Wolfson college.


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"Wolfson College has launched a trial to switch its parcel deliveries from vans to electric bikes, partnering with local cargo bike delivery firm Pedal & Post.

Cargo bike deliveries will address the challenge posed by the estimated half a million packages a year received by just twenty Oxford Colleges alone.

In a joint effort between councilors, colleges and couriers, Wolfson College is taking a first pioneering step to address transportation-related emissions and the harmful impacts of its deliveries to students and staff." 

Goal of the project is reduce 10-15 delivery van movements into 1 ultra low emission cargo bike delivery by pallet tackling online deliveries and helping them go ultra low emission so you can feel good about ordering online

Pedal & Post is excited to monitor how this project develops and if successful seek to engage with all Oxford colleges to expand the project. The projects first stage sees student participation to change their address to use Pedal & Posts hub when ordering online however this is showing to be a really empowering step for students as they can clearly indicate they want to move to a sustainable transport future and demonstrate to large parcel carriers the need for change. 


The second stage and medium to long term plan of this project once the trail and proof of concept is complete will see engagement with large parcel carriers directly so all parcels can go via the Pedal & Post hub (without a need to change the address). With our vast experience over 6 years working in the parcel delivery space gives us a unique opportunity to present ideas to parcel carriers where using our hub can be implemented easily into there existing systems,  save them money per parcel and help deliver a greener more sustainable future for Oxford's online deliveries

Christopher Benton - CEO Pedal & Post 
We're already engaging around stage two and its seeing some really positive feedback from councilors, colleges and the parcel carriers. It highlights that our experience in this sector and ability to see and innovate with a project that could be a win for all stakeholders is why where continuing to be leaders in the cycle logistics and delivery industry and paving the way for decarbonizing deliveries at scale. We're very excited to monitor this project and see it develop and be a part of our longer term strategies with introductions of new hardware coming soon for palletized and containerized deliveries.