Pedal & Post – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Pedal & Post we'll be working to support our local communities in this uncertain time and keep our deliveries going as best we can whilst protecting our employees, customers, clients and the general public.


Our employees/riders are all very fit and healthy and out in the fresh air so at a lower risk however the concern is around spreading the Coronavirus  so we are working to reduce this risk as much as possible


We'll be keeping up to date on the latest guidelines from Public Health England and the World health organisation (WHO) 


What steps we are taking: 

HAND WASHING: Pedal & Post employees will be instructed to wash there hands with liquid soap and water for 20 seconds at delivery destinations. Many delivery points have facilities including Oxford colleges however if this isn't possible they will have hand sanitizer available at our hub and on the cargo bikes at all times. They will be advised to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 


We will take extra steps to disinfect main contact areas of the cargo bikes each evening including handlebars, box handles etc


COUGH / SNEEZING: Employees will be advised to use a tissue to cough into and dispose of or if one is not to hand, cough and sneeze into their elbow


IF YOU FEEL SICK, STAY AT HOME: Pedal & Post employees have been instructed to stay at home if they become ill, show respiratory symptoms or a fever. If it worsens to call 111 or use the online service



The government is advising for people self isolating to order online and have goods delivered to their homes. We can also help collect and deliver items across the city and this is easily booked in via our website. 


SIGNATURES: We will no longer be taking signatures on devices, parcels will be updated by signing "19" and will be photo'd and left in a safe place. Our system also records the GPS point when deliveries have been updated on handsets including time stamps so we can provide POD still. We wont be delivering to neighbors for now. If a safe place isn't available we will bring the item back to our depot and please contact us to arrange an alternative. 


LEFT IN SAFE PLACES: Pedal & Post employees have been asked to leave the item in a safe place, knock/ring the bell on the door but we wont stay to hand over items and will instead leave to a safe distance, if someone opens the door, thats great we can advise from a distance where the item is and if not, the item is in a safe place to be retrieved. This is to keep to social distancing measures


Our riders can come into contact with 150 different people and address's in a day so please dont think this is us being rude, we'd love to stay and chat normally but given the circumstances we just aren't able too for the moment



We do provide medical services and these are treated as category 1 and high risk clients. We will be in contact with these clients directly to adhere to special measures required.



As you can see we are doing what we can to protect everyone and reduce risks. We ask that you help by allowing deliveries to receptions and loading bays where possible and specify safe places if possible when ordering online. This will help our employees avoid spending too much time within buildings and confined spaces such as lifts. 


We feel a responsibility to ensure we maintain a regular delivery service to you regardless of how difficult any potential restrictions could make it, as we feel what we do is an essential service to the community and hopefully implementing small changes to how we work in the short term will help us achieve it


Any questions, concerns or comments?
I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have, drop me a note via chris@pedalandpost.co.uk or give us a call direct