Pedal & Post – Extreme Heat Precautions

The UK has issued a red warning for extreme heat through Monday / Tuesday of this week which is unprecedented and as such they call for us as a business to safeguard and protect our staff, especially as we do a manual / physically demanding job cycling in the city 


We're treating it just like we would any yellow / red storm warning and taking precautions


For clients we have only a slightly reduced service, this will mean any none essential same day deliveries called in this week we will ask to roll to Wednesday and later in the week however for essential deliveries we have overstaffed for priority 1 clients such as medical routes to make sure we have a low work load on our riders, slower speeds and more relaxed days


We have also increased breaks to 1-2 hours and they'll be paid so couriers are encouraged to avoid the hottest parts of the day and stop off in air conditioned and shaded areas on their routes or return to the depot and head down to Port Meadow to cool off in the river Thames


Further we've relaxed all dress codes so couriers can opt for white t shirts and thin shorts / what they are comfortable in 

We have also provided soft drinks like lucazade, 1.5L water bottles,  hats, sun cream and aftersun for any couriers incase they need it and plan to do regular check ins


We'll always do everything possible to keep our workplace cool and safe but more importantly listen to riders themselves, who are encouraged to voice any concerns and have given great feedback on further measures, an example is easy access water bottle holders on all our cargo bikes, special measures for time off for heat stroke and more


As always we thank you for your patience and we hope everyone gets to enjoy the sunshine however its worth remembering "Climate change is making all heat events hotter,” “The wind patterns would have happened anyway, but it is happening against the background of hotter conditions because of climate change.”

Pedal & Post exists to address the climate emergency and help cities go ultra low emission as fast possible to help mitigate the effects of climate change and we'll continue to do as much as we can and show what bikes can do to support the transition to net zero, with a team of 22 staff and 35 cargo bikes we simply cant expand quick enough at present