Pedal & Post: Instant Quotes for Same Day Delivery in Oxford!

We're responding to a number of people who've got in touch wanting us to move something from A to B as a one off. It's that situation where opening an account and being invoiced (like we do for our clients currently) is just far to much of a faff and inconvenience to do, but you want to move your items by cargo bike in a zero emission way still 


Today we've launched our Quotebar on the website to take a step in the right direction, its purpose is to begin to solve this problem and make it a much more convenient way to send items same day with us at Pedal & Post and be open for all to use easily. 


The quotebar is optimised to be able to be used on your mobile browser however the next stage is to develop an app to make this even more convenient on your mobile which we're set to work on across next year to launch further services too. 


The Quotebar is limited to Monday to Friday and is set to postcode areas we cover in Oxford so if your item is outside our area, no services will be returned at present. 


However this is temporary as soon we are set to launch our national and international services via this Quotebar too whereby we collect the first mile in Oxford in a zero emission way and onforward with national carriers, enabling us to improve congestion, air pollution, road safety and parking issues within Oxford further.  Where also working on an overnight cold chain solution for the future as well. 


Christmas is just around the corner so we're keen to show that moving goods and freight and quite literally playing santa within a city can be done in a greener and more sustainable way and helping Oxford lead the way in this change in the UK