Pedal & Post introduces e-Trike into our courier fleet

Boosted by pedal and solar power, e-trikes could reduce CO2 emissions in Oxford ready for the Zero emission zone


Pedal & Post has been testing a zero-emission e-Trike for  parcel deliveries and same day multi-drop routes in Oxford. The trial has been an experiment into how we can deliver larger parcels in a zero emission way whilst improving the versatility of our fleet and continue to reduce CO2 emissions associated with logistics in Oxford.



The 107cm wide x 255cm long x 120cm high e-Trikes - which are predominantly powered by a combination of pedal, solar, battery and regenerative brake technology and are specially designed to help increase capacity from our current cargo bikes at 340L to 1500L and help our team cut out the need to come back and reload in the day, reduce the miles they're legs need to cycle 5 days a week, improve efficiency and drop density whilst giving our fleet the versatility to handle much larger loads upto 250kg


The e-trike has been with us since december 2018 and primarily used for our heavier veg box routes, newspapers and last mile deliveries for routes exceeding 100+ parcels. We originally called for support through the peak period months of november and december where our volumes almost double with the christmas rush and Iceni came to the rescue. We've partnered up every since. We've been extremely happy and positive with how the e-trike has performed over the last 7 months and we'll look to expand our fleet in the coming months as we expand our services.


The e-trike is classed as what's called a Pedelec in the UK, this means they have to meet strict regulations including a limit of a 250w pedal assisted motor which is operated by a 48v lithium ion battery which gives about a 60km range. The motor is limited to 15.5mph and is mostly to help with acceleration between stops. Regenerative braking also helps to power the trike but with limited success. 



i've had positive experiences (Christopher Benton) when i've ridden it but the bikes and vehicles are only good if our team has positive experiences and it makes their lifes easier day in, day out so i've asked for some views from a recently trained member of the team and veteran of riding the trike for the last 7 months for their views.


Richard Manly, an Eco Courier with P&P said “Having ridden exclusively bicycles for most of my life, I was hesitant to scale up to the trike.  However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the maneuverability and versatility that the trike offers.  Being able to load up with all of the parcels for the day negates having to return to the yard for a second pick up and the trike is able to handle some pretty steep hills.  Some management of battery life is required for longer trips along with additional thought given to road positioning.  Overall I have enjoyed learning  and expanding the types of cargo bike i can use.


Chris Browne, an Eco Courier with P&P said: “I had initial reservations about the trike as its neither a 'bike' nor a van; sitting between the two its hard to know where you belong on the road.  Once you get used to it however its advantages become clear.  The added capacity and weight capabilities offer a significant upgrade vs our usual cargo bikes, while still being able to use Oxford's cycling infrastructure is a definite bonus. It opens us up to more clients and wider reaching deliveries as well as being a lot of fun to ride."


On the whole, we're looking forward to expanding our fleet and bringing more Iceni trikes to Oxford