Pedal & Post – New Eco delivery features – Live GPS tracking

At Pedal & Post, we're always pushing to innovate and improve our delivery services, tailoring our zero emission logistics solutions to each one of our fantastic clients we've had the pleasure of working with so far. 


One of the biggest questions though for customers and clients a like is "when will my parcel arrive?" 


Most will give us a quick call and as our team is on a walkie talkie system we can usually update on a rough estimated time but with GPS tracking we don't have to disturb the courier to request a position, so we don't slow them down and as we scale up our deliveries in Oxford this method wont be very efficient as our team grows. We also currently provide notifications by email to say "your parcel is out for delivery" and if we deliver successfully or not,  it'll send a second email to notify the customer of this with timings, photos of safe places and signatures etc. However it doesn't give a time it's likely to arrive? Your sat at home ready but you really want to nip to the shops quickly, see a friend for lunch or jump in the shower but what if you miss your delivery? 


We want to remove this worry, the last two weeks we've been testing our GPS settings with all our courier team and we reckon we have a good and workable solution. We're finalizing our tracking section on our website (you cna see the link ready but it wont work just yet) where you can live track your courier with your unique parcel reference, so you will always know an accurate ETA when your last mile delivery (Yodel parcels), first mile collection or same day delivery is set to arrive.



Not only this, we now capture GPS pings when the couriers update jobs as part of our proof of delivery. This really helps us with time stamps and location data so we know exactly when, where , what and how as couriers can add comments to jobs too, vastly improving our service. 


We're still working on our live tracking options and the ability to update your information in real time on the website but when this launches we'll update on here! 


People receiving parcels from us and business's sending parcels with us, we want your feedback. If we can improve further, let us know features you'd like to see - Leave us a review on the website and let us know!