Pedal & Post – Oxford Eco Couriers Supporting Coverscan Study (Covid 19)

Pedal & Post has been couriering samples as part of this Covid 19 study Perspectum Ltd have been running, collecting the “first mile”of the supply chain and putting them onto Great Western Railway (GWR) high speed passenger trains and another cargo bike team in London unloads and completes the last mile to the Specialized Labs

We have also been doing this back the other way with temperature controlled samples and delivering them from the Oxford train station to the Churchill hospital site.

We have been couriering samples for Cancer patients and IVF samples regularly for over a year now as well working with clinics in Oxford.

Using cargo bikes has many advantages, its reliable as we aren’t delayed by traffic congestion and is quicker too as we have a much higher average speed through the city (pre-covid Oxford traffic moved at around 9mph). Its more cost effective and it improves the turn around time from taking clinical samples to results, all whilst being emission free.

Not only is there a build back better movement promoting active travel, walking and cycling, we’ve been helping throughout the pandemic period in an emission free way, really demonstrating the advantages of a tried and tested method using modern and advanced cargo bikes, software and technology to bring cycle logistics into the 21st century.

If you need medical courier services that are quicker, more reliable, cost effective and emission free then give us a call today as we can find a solution for you