PODCAST – P&P Discussing the Botley Road Corridor Improvements – Listen in here

We decided to have an informal discussion this morning over coffee in our office about the botley road improvements which Cyclox the oxford campaign group (who you should totally sign up to be a member with) kindly reminded us of. We talked about how they would effect us as a cycle logistics team and how it could affect people who use bikes (specifically 8-80yr olds) 


(You can see plan 7 here so its a bigger image)


Here's a link to listen to our team discussion today

(contains explicit language so caution advised if you have children in the room) 



(A phone call split the recording in two)



The overall vibe is there will be no improvement to support a cargo bike and logistical point of view and the new layout will have no safety or filtering improvements. We also believe the current plans for people who use bikes from the age 8-80 are woefully inadequate. If the goal is to increase the uptake of cycling in Oxford then these current plans wont achieve it. We can do better than this. We cant increase bus use as its at capacity, we cant increase car use because congestions unbearable already,  cycling should be the priority and then walking too. 


Painted cycle lane discussed was a comment by Chris Boardman - you can read about it by clicking here


Whoever gets paid to come up with these plans is not being bold nor radical and it still prioritising the motor vehicle. We will give a much more detailed response and respond to the consultation but its good to discuss. We'd welcome comments and discussion on this topic so do get in touch.