Pedal & Post – Riverford Expands its cargo bike delivery trials in Oxford!

Environmentally conscious shoppers can now have their weekly veg supply delivered to their doorstep by eCargo trikes!



We’ve been partnered with Riverford organic farmers for over a year and a half now (as well as three other veg box schemes which we’ll talk about in another post) with huge props to Jake who explored this idea at the time of how to go emission free, i recall meeting him in peloton coffee shop off cowley road and chatting about possibilities and it seems so long ago after nearly 3000-5000 thousand deliveries later!

We deliver to: 
– Headington on thursdays, tackling morrell avenue with a full load of 250kg of veggies is interesting


– East Oxford on fridays, delivering on lots of narrow roads and tackling the cowley and iffley road


– Riverford are now going even further with us and delivering to west Oxford on wednesdays now too! This means we’ll be delivering around 150 boxes a week


The next step we are working on is an intermodal drop off, at present a HGV drops off to a depot in oxfordshire, then a van delivers the boxes over to us at Pedal & Post in Oxford. We are keen to remove that middle van journey as it saves costs and further emissions to go direct from HGV to cargo bikes. This is tricky as our current distribution hub doesn’t have access for big 40ft lorry, so we are putting together a pilot project of remote shipping containers as drop off points and seeing about locations for these with the Oxford City Council to there feasibility. This is the kind of project we love to work on and a bit of a logistical challenge


We got to go spend the day with the Riverford team in Oxford and took the eTrike up alongside as the local paper did some photos and published this awesome article. Its this exact eTrike that makes the deliveries every week to customers




We are also working on a new prototype Trike and Trailer cargo bike to increase our capacity and expand projects like this one with Riverford. Picture a mini HGV and you’ve about got it so watch this space. We’ll be expanding even further in early 2021 which we are very excited about and the more veg boxes on cargo bikes to help move us to a sustainable future for inner city deliveries, the better.