Welcome to the latest addition to the Pedal & Post fleet: The Zoe!

Pedal & Post is expanding with the addition of a Renault Zoe fully electric vehicle. What do you think?


Wait, that’s a car! I thought you only did bikes?

You’re right - we are more commonly recognized as an ultra low emission team of cargo bike riders, with our blue bikes seen all over the city centre. We have now taken action to further reduce transport emissions in Oxfordshire and do our part to reduce the environmental impact of logistics operations regionally



I thought that couriers used vans, not cars?  

Well, they don’t have to! Many vans that you see on the road are only half full much of the time, so they are an inefficient and polluting way of moving goods around. We chose a Renault Zoe because on our new route, we can fit the entire delivery into the car. Exactly as we do with our bikes, we want to use the most resource-savvy and energy-efficient tool for the job. That means a small car, not a needlessly large vehicle.


So you are preventing emissions by using this car, then?


Yes! Our first delivery route is between Banbury and the Horton hospital, and up until now it was done by a diesel van. We are really pleased to be able to replace this trip with our sustainable alternative. The Renault Zoe is a far more efficient user of energy than a van is, with an impressive range of up to 150 miles/241 kms on a full battery.


It’s not only carbon emissions that we are reducing. By replacing the diesel van route with an electric car, we are also helping to reduce roadside air pollution, especially nitrogen dioxide.


Once you add in the benefits in terms of road space and road safety, choosing the Renault Zoe over a van was a no-brainer.


I’m convinced. So where next for Pedal & Post’s latest addition to the family?


The Renault Zoe is the first in a potential fleet of EVs as we test out making deliveries around Oxfordshire. We are offering regional deliveries as a new service for our regular customers, to complement our range of cargo bike services within the city of Oxford. It means we can continue to support the management of medical deliveries across Oxfordshire, a service which is vital to our NHS clients. 


We are always planning ahead, and our car is compliant with Ultra Low and Zero Emission Zone requirements. This means that we are ready for the ZEZ in Oxford, as well as London and any other cities or towns in which these requirements may be introduced.