Oxford’s ZEZ: Evri partners with local firm Pedal & Post

Local cargo bike delivery firm Pedal & Post has partnered with Parcel delivery company Evri to provide emission-free deliveries to all homes in Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone.



So if you live or work in central Oxford and have concerns about how your Evri packages are going to reach you once the second phase of the ZEZ is implemented, you need not worry.


Pedal & Post is dedicating four EAV cargo bikes to deliver up to 600 parcels per day, increasing to 1,200 during Evri’s peak period. The EAV cargo bikes boast a cargo volume of 2,000 litres and a 170kg payload.



Christopher Benton, CEO at Pedal & Post, said: "We are delighted to partner with Evri to deliver parcels to Oxford’s residents and businesses. Oxford’s congestion problems affect everyone living in or working in the city, and our new partnership with Evri will mean fewer vans driving into Oxford’s city centre. This results in more road space and cleaner air for everyone else. We’re proud of being able to help reduce congestion while providing more jobs for local people at the same time. It’s also important that businesses like Evri have a clear strategy in place to reduce carbon emissions to make our cities healthier, safer, and better places to live.”


Luke Turnbull, Final Mile Sustainability Specialist at Evri, said: “Pedal & Post were one of the first companies in the UK to launch zero emission bike deliveries and we share the same ambitions of leading the way in sustainable deliveries. We’re excited to be partnering with such experienced experts in cycle logistics. Cargo bikes are an important part of our commitment to reach net zero by 2035 and will help build our network of sustainable delivery options.”



Pedal & Post is also working with Oxford University’s colleges on a unique and innovative project consolidating parcel deliveries at its depot before onward delivery to their destination colleges by cargo bike. This results in fewer delivery vans driving into the city centre, and a safer, less polluted and less congested Oxford for all other road users.