Pedal & Post: Eco courier price and invoice changes for 2nd December


We’re getting stuck in on a Monday as the suns out! Do make sure you've got tea or coffee in hand as its a bit of an update on prices and invoices however this has been emailed to all existing clients in more depth today too

The living wage has increased in november 2019 from £9 to £9.30. We will be adjusting our prices ready to go live on december the 2nd 2019 and these will be our prices across 2020 until next november when the living wage is reviewed again.


We’re extremely proud to be an accredited living wage company in Oxford and continue to provide a cleaner, greener and more sustainable delivery option for Oxford’s future which you;ve all helped us to build over the years


Price changes for december and going into 2020


We've emailed these adjustments across by email to all existing business clients and for each service they will effect.


We are set to launch our quote bar for quest users shortly for individuals rather than business’s and also our national and international next day parcel services very soon too!


Invoices have changed

You may have noticed our invoice template has changed in October. It has been generated and sent from our courier software last month. Many clients requested better transparency and visibility on invoices so we’ve been working hard to solve these and very excited to say we we have some great solutions to unveil today.


  • All invoices will be itemised and generated by our courier software platform instadispatch
  • All invoices will be visible on the online portal and easily payable online at anytime, you can see historical invoices and the full account owed via the “Client zone” in the top right corner of our website.
  • Our bank details and late payment fee details are included on the invoices from next month too and we have fixed the online payment system too (stripe)
  • You can also view proof of delivery, status of any jobs booked and many more features with our online portal - its still in beta testing and has certainly had a few bugs but its getting better every day with the feedback we’ve had from clients so far. If you don’t know your login details please email us at Pedal & Post and we can send these over to you.


We’re very excited about projects we have coming up across 2020 and look forward to working with yourselves and the oxford community as a whole to show what a cleaner, greener and more sustainable delivery service can look like and lead the way in oxford in the move to zero emissions!