Want to save 204g of co2 on each online purchase you make as a student? Its easy and you can do it today! 

Pedal & Post has launched a pilot project with Oxford Colleges with the aim to reduce delivery van movements down to just one cargo bike movement in the city, this improves air quality with co2 savings in city, with less vans rushing around it'll make travel within Oxford safer for both cyclists and pedestrians. This project is in partnership with:

Is your college not here? Encourage them as colleges can join this pilot at anytime across the 52 weeks!

Do I need to change my address when ordering parcels?
Yes, You should change your address as follows: 
[Your Name]
[Name of College]
Pedal and Post
Oxford, OX2 0EX
This applies to all orders you make online. 

Pedal & Post will also be working directly with DPD and Evri parcel carriers on this project so some parcels will be automatically included without needing to change your address and we'll update when these go live in the pilot.

Is there any limit on the size/weight of parcels which can be delivered by Pedal and Post?
There is no limitation and it includes furniture, sofas, fridges. The weight limit is 300kg per item and max dimensions of 2.65m long and 1m wide. We'll have a lot of fun showing what cargo bikes can really carry

Is there anything which cannot be delivered by Pedal and Post, for example food items?
Anything that comes via online orders and a parcel carrier will be suitable for Pedal & Post. We would encourage not changing government letters / medical letters like NHS/GPs letters / super urgent deliveries you maybe require before the usual time slot for your college drop off 

Will Pedal and Post deliver to my college every day, and what time will deliveries arrive in college?
Pedal and Post will deliver to colleges Monday-Saturday every week for 52 weeks of the year. Parcels will be delivered to the time specified in your porters lodge and requested by them but generally between 3-6pm 

How do I collect my parcel?

The process once Pedal and Post have delivered parcels to the College should remain unchanged. Wherever you currently collect parcels from should remain extant unless the Colleges makes changes which it will advise you on with sufficient notice for you to make alternative collection arrangements.

What happens if I require next day delivery, e.g. an Amazon Prime delivery? 

This can still arrive as part of the project with the address change however for urgent deliveries required before the usual drop off time simply use the college address as normal

Can you take my returns or send parcels nationally / locally for me?
Pedal and Post currently doesn't have an option to take returns and they'll be collected by the usual parcel carrier you book it with however we are working on options to book in parcel deliveries through September / October 2023

What happens if my parcel goes missing or is damaged?

Each parcel will be scanned into the college branded pallets, colleges can track proof of delivery, for each parcel, College lodges will be notified when the drop off from Pedal & Post is coming too

Pedal and Post has a dedicated telephone helpline for any problems with your parcel on: 01865 791866

You can also contact them by email info@pedalandpost.co.uk

Pedal and Post have their own insurance for these purposes and will cover the costs should there be any damage to your parcel at any point between arrival in its depot and delivery to college. 

What kind of CO2 savings are expected?
Expected savings are 204g CO2 per parcel for the last mile section of the delivery supply chain. This is an estimation from a study into the last mile logistics that can be found by clicking here 

If we changed all 500,000 online deliveries made by students to Oxford colleges we'd save around 101 tons of co2, that equals:

What will happen after the 12-month pilot?
The Colleges Domestic Bursars’ Committee will review arrangements around 2-3 months before the pilot ends (but after the service has been running for three terms) in order to assess the impact of the exercise.