Local Oxford Cafe using Pedal & Post Same Day Service

Local Oxford cake and coffee shop Barefoot have started using Pedal & Post for delivery of their baked goods. They chose Pedal & Post's Same day delivery services to move wholesale goods between sites in Oxford 6 days a week Monday to Saturday.

Barefoot’s Fraser Lloyd Jones made the courageous decision to continue to grow the business in the midst of the global pandemic. Relocating from their  ‘hole-in-the-wall’ style eatery at the Up in Arms in Marston to Jericho’s North Parade was a leap of faith, and a return to near the spot where they sold their first brownies at North Parade Market some five years ago! 


We are honoured to be working with Barefoot, who pride themselves on only selling goods which are all handmade. natural, vegan & gluten free. Their diligence in baking excellent cake with good frosting, no additives, preservatives or colouring is evident in the quality of their offering, which changes on a regular basis and varies depending on season and experimentation. P&P is enthused to bring our local eco-courier expertise to more local businesses like Barefoot.