Pedal & Post – Delivering Food Parcels by bike with Oxford Mutual Aid

Cargo bikes are now delivering food parcels across Oxford. This is part of a new scheme called “Bike Aid” to reduce carbon emissions and speed up deliveries.


Oxford Mutual Aid delivers nearly 500 food and other essential supplies parcels per week. Roughly 25 percent of these are emergency food parcels, requests for which have been growing steadily. Even with two electric vans, Oxford Mutual Aid were struggling to keep pace with demand.


Oxford Mutual Aid is committed to reducing carbon emissions wherever possible, alongside the 5 tonnes of would-be food waste that is saved every week from going to waste.


For 5 days per week, a dedicated Pedal and Post rider on an electric cargo bike now delivers Oxford Mutual Aid food parcels.


The new service was made possible partly by funding from Oxfordshire County Council Alliance members, using their councillor community grant fund, matched by Pedal & Post.


Using the Pedal and Post bike delivery service already saves Oxford Mutual Aid roughly 5 car journeys per day, often delivering over 15 emergency parcels as well as 2-3 food surplus collections/re-distributions. The number of saved journeys will increase as the scheme expands.


Chris Benton, founder of Pedal and Post said “We are delighted to have been able to assist Oxford Mutual Aid in collecting food surplus at various places around Oxford and then distributing parcels by bike. We look forward to expanding on this with further charities in the future as well and being able to match fund this project is a great way for us to be able to start to give back and support our community in Oxford”


As part of our partnership with Pedal and Post, Oxford Mutual Aid has also helped many other food aid organizations and also some of the community food larders in Oxford.

Oxford Mutual Aid do fantastic work to support vulnerable people, if you can, please do donate to them here either as a one off or monthly subscription to support those in need in Oxford: DONATE TODAY



Muireann Meehan Speed, Director of Oxford Mutual Aid said. “We believe sharing resources is important; collaboration is at the heart of what we do and food isn’t then wasted. This is food we have been offered in the past that we really need, but often could not respond to because of the quick turnaround required by the supplier. However with the amazing Pedal & Post team on board, we have yet to miss one surplus offer!”


Cllr Sally Povolotsky said by teaming up with Pedal and Post alongside some councillor priority funding, “ elected members are pleased to have helped fund this scheme to ensure food isn’t wasted and is delivered by bike to families that need emergency food aid”. 


Cllr Dan Levy said “this is a fantastic service that I am pleased to support – and on top of that it shows how well goods can be distributed in a town or city by cargo bike rather than by motor vehicle”


Phil the dedicated rider from Pedal and Post said “I have had the privilege of working with Oxford Mutual Aid, it has been such an enriching experience helping provide this vitally important service for all in the community. Phil and the big eTrike of Pedal & Posts he rides has already delivered parcels to 402 adults (aged 13 and above) 138 children (aged between 5 and 12) and 40 babies (aged between 0 and 4) since the service started earlier in January 2022. That is essential crisis support for 211 households. 

Pedal & Post – Pedal Power Drives Improved Medical Service And Greener Deliveries

We’re very excited be able to announce our partnership with Baxter Healthcare and OUH Trust  and all the hard work we and the epic teams at both have been upto over the past few years from planning to implementing this new courier service in Oxford, you can read more below: 


Original article is here 


P.S The Toby “Tuck” riding position as he’s renowned for managed to get into the official press release photo and i can’t tell you how happy this made the team. 


“A cycle courier service delivering medication to Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is improving patient care and delivering sustainability benefits.


The OUH Trust has teamed up with private healthcare firm Baxter Healthcare, which produces cancer treatments and parenteral nutrition from their Oxford site, to provide a more efficient way of getting key medical products to hospital sites and patients.


The scheme involves products being delivered to wards, day treatment areas, and pharmacies at the John Radcliffe and Churchill hospitals in Oxford by cargo bike. Goods will be delivered to the Horton General Hospital in Banbury in the future by e-motorbike.


Patient-specific chemotherapy, antibiotics, and intravenous nutrition products are made at Baxter’s compounding facility in sterile conditions, ready to be used within a short timeframe between the product being ordered and then received by the hospital.


Local Oxford-based company Pedal and Post make the deliveries using cycle couriers to get the products to Trust sites. More than 25,000 products have been delivered since the first delivery was made at the start of August 2020.


By introducing this service, the time it takes for products to leave Baxter’s compounding facility in Cowley to arriving at the hospital site has halved from:


  • 30 minutes to 15 minutes for the John Radcliffe Hospital
  • 20 minutes to 10 minutes for the Churchill Hospital


Bhulesh Vadher, Chief Pharmacist at the Trust, said: “This is a fantastic example of collaboration and innovation between the Trust, Baxter, and Pedal and Post, helping to deliver a more efficient service and the best possible care for our patients.


“The transport of chemotherapy from Baxter to our hospital sites is no longer dependant on factors outside of the company’s control, such as peak hour traffic, flow of traffic onto the hospital site, and road works.


“That unpredictability was putting pressure on NHS staff to deliver chemotherapy treatments in a timely manner, and it was also impacting our patients’ experience throughout treatment.


“The new bike courier service has taken away all the unnecessary extra pressure on NHS staff and has considerably reduced the delivery time. Using bikes instead of cars or vans is also better for the environment and the Oxfordshire community.”


The eco-friendly improvements deliver an estimated saving of up to 10 tonnes of Carbon emissions (CO2 eq) per year, as well as improving air quality by eliminating the tiny particles of pollution produced from diesel engines, which benefits public health as well as the environment.


Pedal and Post use three cyclists, who have specially constructed cargo bikes and trailers to place the critical medical products in, for deliveries. All medical products are stored in temperature-controlled packaging to ensure product integrity throughout the journey.


Previously, one van carried out several runs between hospital sites. The three cyclists now make five or six runs daily, directly to the hospital.


Professor Meghana Pandit, Chief Medical Officer at the Trust, said: “Being able to halve the time it takes to get medication to the John Radcliffe and Churchill hospitals is a very welcome achievement, and we are looking forward to improving delivery times to the Horton General Hospital in the future as we work towards a greener NHS.


“Having a more effective and time efficient delivery system in place helps us support our hardworking staff and deliver the best care possible to our patients.”


Rachel Trace, UK Country Lead at Baxter Healthcare Ltd, said: “We are pleased to have been able to work in partnership to help the Trust on this project, and it is great to see the additional benefits this service has provided.


“Baxter is committed to play a part in helping the NHS meet their carbon emission reduction targets. As well as this new cycle delivery service we have a number of initiatives in place to help deliver sustainable healthcare across our organisation.”


Chris Benton, Managing Director at Pedal & Post, said: “This has been an exciting opportunity to showcase what cargo bikes are capable of and I’m extremely proud of the Team at Pedal & Post with how successful the project has been.


“It demonstrates how moving to emission free courier services can actually improve patient care while also tackling the climate emergency, promoting active travel, improving local air quality, and congestion.


“The reception from patients and the wards to us in our blue cycling jerseys has been really positive, and we’re hoping to expand on this success with the NHS Trust in the future.”



Pedal & Post – Riverford Expands its cargo bike delivery trials in Oxford!

Environmentally conscious shoppers can now have their weekly veg supply delivered to their doorstep by eCargo trikes!



We’ve been partnered with Riverford organic farmers for over a year and a half now (as well as three other veg box schemes which we’ll talk about in another post) with huge props to Jake who explored this idea at the time of how to go emission free, i recall meeting him in peloton coffee shop off cowley road and chatting about possibilities and it seems so long ago after nearly 3000-5000 thousand deliveries later!

We deliver to: 
– Headington on thursdays, tackling morrell avenue with a full load of 250kg of veggies is interesting


– East Oxford on fridays, delivering on lots of narrow roads and tackling the cowley and iffley road


– Riverford are now going even further with us and delivering to west Oxford on wednesdays now too! This means we’ll be delivering around 150 boxes a week


The next step we are working on is an intermodal drop off, at present a HGV drops off to a depot in oxfordshire, then a van delivers the boxes over to us at Pedal & Post in Oxford. We are keen to remove that middle van journey as it saves costs and further emissions to go direct from HGV to cargo bikes. This is tricky as our current distribution hub doesn’t have access for big 40ft lorry, so we are putting together a pilot project of remote shipping containers as drop off points and seeing about locations for these with the Oxford City Council to there feasibility. This is the kind of project we love to work on and a bit of a logistical challenge


We got to go spend the day with the Riverford team in Oxford and took the eTrike up alongside as the local paper did some photos and published this awesome article. Its this exact eTrike that makes the deliveries every week to customers




We are also working on a new prototype Trike and Trailer cargo bike to increase our capacity and expand projects like this one with Riverford. Picture a mini HGV and you’ve about got it so watch this space. We’ll be expanding even further in early 2021 which we are very excited about and the more veg boxes on cargo bikes to help move us to a sustainable future for inner city deliveries, the better. 

Pedal & Post – Christmas Hours, Price changes and Living wage!

We’re coming up to the Christmas peak period with december the 1st round the corner! so whilst we have a spare few minutes before we get stuck in to play real life santa and prepping our pedal powered sleighs, we’re publishing our christmas hours for this year



We’ll be open right up until the 24th of december (thursday), closed on the 25th (friday) and remain closed till the 3rd of january and return for a full service on the 4th of january (monday) as normal and get stuck into 2021



We have issued our yearly price changes to come into effect on the 1st of December! this has been emailed to all clients and we’ve updated our Oxford rate card. This is tied in with the Living wage increase so all our team on the previous wage will get a pay rise on december the 1st which is great news


We’ll be on hand to help with all your delivery needs across christmas 2020 however do be patient as we are extremely busy, we will always get back to you and endeavour to support as best we can through whats set to be a record breaking christmas


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year in advance from all of us at Pedal & Post 

Pedal & Post – Christmas Light festival lanterns, delivered to your door in Oxford!

We’ve been so busy since the lockdown began in what seems like an age ago now back in March/April time however we’re hopefully going to catch up with some of the awesome things we’ve been upto!

We were approached by Fusion Arts who are offering a Willow and Tissue lantern making kit to create one small lantern with LED light for this year’s Oxford Christmas Light Festival! We’ve partnered up to offer a next day delivery solution all emission free by cargo bike!

Join in the Oxford-wide celebration on your doorstep! which is happening on the upcoming weekend

You can order yours HERE and we’ll deliver it next day where possible

This year, Oxford’s Christmas Light Festival is coming to you! Instead of a city centre lantern parade we want you to illuminate your streets and your communities with handmade lanterns. The weekend is a wonderful chance to come together as a community, and give thanks for the many acts of kindness shown over the last six months.


How to get involved?
Over the festival weekend simply display your creation on your doorstep or in your window and sign up to be added to a map of local light trails. Then hit the street (keeping to guidance on social distancing of course) and see what everyone else has made!


Find out more about this year’s Christmas Light Festival >>




Pedal & Post – Oxford Eco Couriers Supporting Coverscan Study (Covid 19)

Pedal & Post has been couriering samples as part of this Covid 19 study Perspectum Ltd have been running, collecting the “first mile”of the supply chain and putting them onto Great Western Railway (GWR) high speed passenger trains and another cargo bike team in London unloads and completes the last mile to the Specialized Labs

We have also been doing this back the other way with temperature controlled samples and delivering them from the Oxford train station to the Churchill hospital site.

We have been couriering samples for Cancer patients and IVF samples regularly for over a year now as well working with clinics in Oxford.

Using cargo bikes has many advantages, its reliable as we aren’t delayed by traffic congestion and is quicker too as we have a much higher average speed through the city (pre-covid Oxford traffic moved at around 9mph). Its more cost effective and it improves the turn around time from taking clinical samples to results, all whilst being emission free.

Not only is there a build back better movement promoting active travel, walking and cycling, we’ve been helping throughout the pandemic period in an emission free way, really demonstrating the advantages of a tried and tested method using modern and advanced cargo bikes, software and technology to bring cycle logistics into the 21st century.

If you need medical courier services that are quicker, more reliable, cost effective and emission free then give us a call today as we can find a solution for you

Pedal & Post – Launches new grocery delivery service with local traders

A brand new grocery delivery service as been launched to ensure people get the essentials they need during the coronavirus crisis.


Pedal & Post is launching “Local Oxford” this weekend teaming up with local traders to bring what you need straight to your door by cargo bike and electric van starting next week



Business’s on Local Oxford


For the first time, you’ll be able to order from Roots of Oxford, Oxford Cheese Company, Jericho Coffee Traders, Oxford Soap Company and more all into one order!


Available to order are the likes of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, cheese, coffee, tea, milk, soap and more


“We’re bringing all your favorite local Oxford shops into one easy to use online website with next day delivery, simple, convenient and helps support local traders who might not already have their own delivery systems in place whereas we have years of experience and a large fleet of cargo bikes which we want to put to good use to help in the current crisis” 


If you’d like another Oxford business to be on here or certain products, please let us know and we’ll work to offer them over the coming weeks/months, We think business’s in Oxford have got everything you need, whenever you need it.”


Our teams continued to deliver to ensure local food security to residents as big national supermarkets struggled to adapt at this time




How to order from the new service


Ordering your groceries will be the same as ordering with any supermarket, simply choose your items, add them to the basket and if its before midday we’ll be able to deliver next day


Delivery for this service is £3 including VAT with no minimum spends so you are free to order what you like


You can pay online to make this as easy as possible, you’ll get a confirmation email and your order will be delivered to your home.


All our deliveries are now contactless and we’ll drop your delivery right outside your door, we’ve had these measures in place for the last two weeks and they match the current guidance from the Oxford City Council’s food hygiene team as well


Increasing the range of products across the next few weeks


This is very much a test phase as we see the demand for this service and the products however many residents want to support local business’s at this time and i believe making this as easy as possible is essential


Local Oxford we hope will expand and provide essentials in the coming months as well – such as tinned goods, dried pasta, cereal and other household items that those who are isolated might need.


When does the website go live?


Local Oxford by Pedal & Post will launch from saturday 11th of April and begin taking orders and start delivering on the 14th which is the tuesday onwards next week. In the meantime you can sign up with your email address to get an email when the website goes live here:


Orders containing cheese will be delivered on the thursday onwards as the cheese shop is taking an extended and well earned break. We’ll be starting within the ring road of Oxford, however we’re keen to expand this further as we explore ways to bring in electric vans as soon as possible


Founder and CEO of Pedal & Post, Chris Benton, said: “At Pedal & Post, we want to do everything possible to help people get the food they want and need during this worrying period whilst supporting Oxford’s local economy


Our team is working hard to serve the residents who need to self isolate and are in the vulnerable category and we want to live up to the key worker status and continue to deliver essential goods such as parcels, food, veg boxes etc for as many of our clients as possible”


If you know of anyone who hasn’t been able to sign up with supermarkets for delivery and other grocery services who aren’t taking on new customers then please do recommend Local Oxford and help us share the website around and sign up via email for the launch on Saturday


Pedal & Post – Open and Continuing to deliver (Gov additional restrictions)

At Pedal & Post we’ll be working to support our local communities in this uncertain time and keep our deliveries going as best we can whilst protecting our employees, customers, clients and the general public. You can read our previous post around our measures for the Coronavirus below


Pedal & Post – Coronavirus (COVID-19)


As of today the government has launched restrictions with advice for the country for the coming three weeks and potentially longer depending on future circumstances. Pedal & Post falls under food delivery/distribution and freight distribution whilst we provide essential medical deliveries as well. This means we will continue to operate under the “Key worker” status and continue to deliver across Oxford as best we can


All clients Pedal & Post works with have been emailed this evening as we look to adapt to this scenario as some of the local business’s we work with will be deemed as none essential at this time and be forced to close their doors until circumstances improve. This will require us to shift our team of couriers around and move them to other routes as we are continuing to provide work and retain the essential skills our team has that truly make Pedal & Post what it is today. 


We want to say thank you for the HUGE amount of support we have received over the last few weeks and kind words from people we have delivered too, people in the street (although there will be less of this now) and even people driving enquiring to what we’re delivering and loving the cargo bikes and trikes we use, its all been incredible and it truly makes it all worthwhile. We have begun to work with some fantastic new clients including Ten Mile Menu, Bonners in the covered market, Team Tea and even Oxford city council to name a few helping support them with deliveries


We feel a responsibility to ensure we maintain a regular delivery service to you as customers regardless of how difficult any potential restrictions could make it, as we feel what we do is an essential service to the community and hopefully implementing larger changes with these announcements we can still achieve this


Any questions, concerns or comments?
I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have, drop me a note via or give us a call direct


Pedal & Post – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Pedal & Post we’ll be working to support our local communities in this uncertain time and keep our deliveries going as best we can whilst protecting our employees, customers, clients and the general public.


Our employees/riders are all very fit and healthy and out in the fresh air so at a lower risk however the concern is around spreading the Coronavirus  so we are working to reduce this risk as much as possible


We’ll be keeping up to date on the latest guidelines from Public Health England and the World health organisation (WHO) 


What steps we are taking: 

HAND WASHING: Pedal & Post employees will be instructed to wash there hands with liquid soap and water for 20 seconds at delivery destinations. Many delivery points have facilities including Oxford colleges however if this isn’t possible they will have hand sanitizer available at our hub and on the cargo bikes at all times. They will be advised to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 


We will take extra steps to disinfect main contact areas of the cargo bikes each evening including handlebars, box handles etc


COUGH / SNEEZING: Employees will be advised to use a tissue to cough into and dispose of or if one is not to hand, cough and sneeze into their elbow


IF YOU FEEL SICK, STAY AT HOME: Pedal & Post employees have been instructed to stay at home if they become ill, show respiratory symptoms or a fever. If it worsens to call 111 or use the online service



The government is advising for people self isolating to order online and have goods delivered to their homes. We can also help collect and deliver items across the city and this is easily booked in via our website. 


SIGNATURES: We will no longer be taking signatures on devices, parcels will be updated by signing “19” and will be photo’d and left in a safe place. Our system also records the GPS point when deliveries have been updated on handsets including time stamps so we can provide POD still. We wont be delivering to neighbors for now. If a safe place isn’t available we will bring the item back to our depot and please contact us to arrange an alternative. 


LEFT IN SAFE PLACES: Pedal & Post employees have been asked to leave the item in a safe place, knock/ring the bell on the door but we wont stay to hand over items and will instead leave to a safe distance, if someone opens the door, thats great we can advise from a distance where the item is and if not, the item is in a safe place to be retrieved. This is to keep to social distancing measures


Our riders can come into contact with 150 different people and address’s in a day so please dont think this is us being rude, we’d love to stay and chat normally but given the circumstances we just aren’t able too for the moment



We do provide medical services and these are treated as category 1 and high risk clients. We will be in contact with these clients directly to adhere to special measures required.



As you can see we are doing what we can to protect everyone and reduce risks. We ask that you help by allowing deliveries to receptions and loading bays where possible and specify safe places if possible when ordering online. This will help our employees avoid spending too much time within buildings and confined spaces such as lifts. 


We feel a responsibility to ensure we maintain a regular delivery service to you regardless of how difficult any potential restrictions could make it, as we feel what we do is an essential service to the community and hopefully implementing small changes to how we work in the short term will help us achieve it


Any questions, concerns or comments?
I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have, drop me a note via or give us a call direct



Pedal & Post – Proudly supporting plans for Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone

We where delighted to be invited to the announcement around Oxford’s final draft proposals for the zero emission zone to be introduced on the 1st of December 2020. We’re proud to be a part of the road to zero in Oxford and showing deliveries/logistics can be done in an emission free way. 



This is the short end of a very large wedge as the red zone is really a small testing area before it gets expanded and developed further. The date of the red zone launch is of particular significance for online deliveries as its the run up to Christmas which can see increases of 100% or more in volumes so many parcel carriers will look to solve this across the summer months in whats called peak planning. 



Our full response for the Press release is below 


We’re very excited to see these bold measures coming from local government. We all face a severe climate emergency, globally and locally – Many damaging particulates and emissions come from transport and protecting the health of residents should always be a priority.

“The rise of online deliveries has presented a range of transport issues for medieval cities like Oxford – Cargo bikes can deliver up to 51% of all goods in cities and we enjoy inspiring residents and business’s showing what is possible to be delivered by the humble cargo bike. We now work with over 80 local businesses delivering everything from parcels to veg boxes to urgent medication and we’ve managed to save an estimated 30 tons of co2 from cycling across 2019. The ZEZ gives us as a local business the confidence to invest further and be much more ambitious in 2020 to help Oxford towards emission free deliveries.

“We look forward to working with the two councils to help support and develop these measures, if this is going to work, then we will all have to work together. The challenges we face are extremely daunting but the road to zero is achievable if we act now”


Christopher Benton, Director of Pedal & Post


FULL Press Release: click here