Oxford to London: Pedal & Post goes intercity with medical deliveries

Local cargo bike delivery firm Pedal & Post has begun deliveries between Oxford and London to provide emission-free medical deliveries between cities via GWR trains.





Think Jurassic park and DNA sequencing and your about there, we'll be providing ultra low emission deliveries for university of Oxford departments and churchill hospitals by collecting by e-cargo bike and train to make sure we deliver a cost effective and next day ultra low emission service.


Pedal & Post is dedicated its two wheeled trio cargo bikes to our medical deliveries, these can carry 80-100kg with 465L capacity, plenty to collect medical deliveries whilst being able to filter past traffic and means we have no delays providing a reliable and quick service





Christopher Benton, CEO at Pedal & Post, said: "We are delighted to get back into the intercity deliveries market to deliver medical parcels from Oxford university departments and the churchill hospital to london daily. Using our fleet of two wheeled electric cargo bikes reduces congestion with this new partnership mean fewer vans driving into Oxford’s city centre and Londons. This results in more road space and cleaner air for everyone else. We’re proud of being able to help reduce congestion while providing more jobs for local people at the same time. It’s also important to show how medical deliveries can go ultra low emission whilst saving costs and having a more relaible and improved service, it shows a clear strategy to reduce carbon emissions to make our cities healthier, safer, and better places to live.”




Its also its the Canarfy Wharf winter lights at the moment, proving to be a brilliant drop off point to visit daily and we'd highly recommend